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Empowered Women and Wealth Forum for Women Presents: Kim Kiyosaki, Annie Seel, Lisa Thorén

The 24th and 25th of October Kim Kiyosaki will be back in Sweden for the first time in almost 10 years!

At the event you will get the following valuable knowledge:

  • How to move towards your dream life if today you have neither money nor time and you are feeling unsure of yourself; 
  • How to take steps towards financial freedom so you could create your dream home and offer yourself, your kids and loved ones what they really deserve; 
  • How to set your focus so that instead of constant lack of time you would be able to enjoy slow mornings and avoid hassling; 
  • How to really start loving yourself so you would also be able to offer real love to those around you; 
  • How to increase your income and have more time to get to travel, learn and enjoy life more; 
  • How to be motivated, radiant and grateful and let go of fears. It is easier that it might seem; 
  • How to take maximum out of life to feel truly happy; 
  • How to accomplish your goals faster than you are thinking today; 
  • How to bring the change that you have put off for so long into your life. You can be sure that it will release powerful energy inside you;  
  • How to get clear on yourself and find the goals that will help you and others more; 
  • How to be involved in entrepreneurship in a way that it won’t only be about chasing money but also gives something to the society and have more meaning. 

This is not another regular motivational seminar!

You are welcome if you … 

  • … wish to really implement the gained knowledge; 
  • … are looking for skills and information to reach financial freedom; 
  • … want to get into contact with new like-minded people; 
  • … wish to learn how to truly love yourself.

Attention! Wealth Forum Women is not for you if you … 

  • … don’t plan on taking responsibility for your finances; 
  • … don’t want to dedicate time for learning; 
  • … are unhappy with your current situation but you don’t want to do anything about it; 
  • … are not looking for a real woman in you; 
  • … don’t wish to find new contacts to get even further together; 
  • The event will be in English!

This Event begins in...


DATE AND TIME Tuesday - Wednesday, October 24-25th, 2017 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM  

LOCATION Intiman Odengatan 81 113 22 Stockholm


 Kim Kiyosaki 

If you are looking for inspiration, financial education or just a good role model, meet Rich Woman Kim Kiyosaki. Kim is an internationally-renowned speaker, author (Rich Woman, Good Deal Bad Deal), entrepreneur, real estate investor, radio show host and the founder of Rich Woman. With a passion for educating women about money and business, Kim draws on a lifetime of business experience in her mission to teach and inspire financial education. She has used the international forum of the Rich Dad brand to showcase the startling statistics relating to women and money, and through her best-selling Rich Woman she encourages women to take control of their lives, start a business and live their dreams. She is a role model for millions of women. Kim will teach you how to become a successful and independent woman.  

Lisa Lannon

Lisa is a social entrepreneur, investor and an international speaker. In cooperation with Rich Dad she has written a book “Social Capitalist”. As a successful entrepreneur she and her husband have built a center to help addicts. Lisa thinks that the world needs women who create new jobs and solve problems that have a wider meaning. Charity and money-making are not opposites. They can be combined. Lisa speaks about purposeful investing, creating one’s own vision and how to find motivation to build a business that carries a deeper meaning.

Ceil Stanford

Ceil helps people find inspiration and discover their inner potential. She has coached specialists, entrepreneurs and leaders in many fields, also investors, parents and athletes. Ceil will help you reach goals the reaching of which you haven’t even dared to dream about. She will release your true vitality. Many things in our lives have happened that hold our vitality back: emotional moments, accidents etc. All of these can be untangled to get one’s power back.  

Ronda Jaggers

Ronda’s daily work involves helping kids who no one else is able to deal with anymore (criminals, addicts etc). Her goal is to turn these young people into vital members of society, to educate and offer them equal opportunities as other kids.  

Ronda teaches you how to turn your passion into a business and income. She will also show you if you keep loving what you do even in the most difficult times then you will be rewarded with deep satisfaction.  

Annie Seel

Annie Seel

Annie Seel har kallats helt galen, men det tar hon som en komplimang för hennes motto är att ”ingen minns en fegis” – man måste våga. Det är en styrka att hitta eller bygga sin egen stege upp i karriären, arbetslivet eller livet i stort.  

Hon gjort sig känd som äventyrare och tävlingsförare i världens farligaste motortävling Dakarrallyt – det mest “macho” inom motorsport.  

Hon har kommit att bli känd som hela världens “rallyprinsessa” genom en kombination av envishet, kunnande, äventyrslystnad, benbrott och en målmedvetenhet som kan försätta berg. Annie är gärna den kvinnliga pionjären som tar sig an utmaningar som många inte ens drömmer om, ofta inom typiskt tuffa och manliga områden. Utan att vara manhaftig, tvärtom tar hon vara på den kvinnliga styrkan.  

Hon har gått sin egen väg, ibland kantad av hårda motgångar men oftast med succé. Annie har jobbat på stora företag, startat upp nya projekt och verksamheter. Utbildad marknadsekonom som sedan startade egen reklam och designbyrå Happy Industries AB och även reklamnätverket 

Lisa Thorén

Lisa Thorén is a PR-expert who has been part of building the niched product development company BabyBjörn as a strong global brand in 50 countries. Now Lisa is taking, another niched product development company with ten strong innovations from patentable product ideas, to the global market. This time the success is Performance Sk8 - the Skateboard Technology Company. Lisa will highlighten the importance of creativity and endurance. Co-create with your customers! If you don't ask you don't get. Inspire the customer 8 times and they will start getting "it" (what you are trying to give them) after the 4th time and be part of your project after 8 times of communication. To succeed you need to focus on success.

Deri Llewellyn-Davies

With over 15 years’ experience of the commercial markets, Deri understands the issues his clients are facing – from funding shortages to management fall-outs, corporate redundancy to bankruptcy. Deri brings real business experience to the table, a wide and varied perspective across global business. He has risen to European board level in Billion $ corporations, advised in a consulting capacity from governmental bodies to FTSE 100 as well as running 20 of his own companies. However, the real power in perspective comes from advising over 300 Boards, running workshops for 100’s of multi million pound CEOs and speaking to 1,000’s of entrepreneurs. This brings a real practicality and depth to all the work he does. 

Linnea Kempe

Linnea Kempe has shared the stage with Entrepreneurs, Artists and Celebreties like 50 Cent, John Travolta and Robert Kiyosaki.

She is a master brander and marketer and will teach you how to stand out in a crowded marketplace without offending.

Kane and Alessia Minkus

Kane & Alessia are founders of Industry Rockstar which is the largest global business training company today - having trained over 400K Professionals and Entrepreneurs in 25 different countries.

Between the partners at Industry Rockstar, they have launched and grown 60 of their own companies, generating over $2B USD in Revenue. 

They have partnered with and shared the stage regularly with Richard Branson, Robert & Kim Kiyosoki, Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Tim Ferris and many other global thought leaders.

They are 2 X international best selling authors having sold over 75K books globally of their strategies on how to grow businesses successfully in hundreds of different industries. 


Mirela Sula

Mirela Sula

Journalist, trainer and psychologist, Mirela has worked in the media and education for the last 15 years. Her background takes in psychology and counselling, journalism, teaching, coaching and media training. Mirela is CEO and the editor in chief of Global Woman magazine and the organiser of Global Woman Summit. 

She is also the Founder of Migrant Woman Platform and the organiser of Migrant Woman Conference in London, UK. Mirela is mentor and entrepreneur and also studying for a PhD research in Psychology at Regent’s University. Mirela is also author of several bestselling books. Her last self-help book ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ is published in America and Turkey. Winner of many awards such as the “Inspirational Award for Women 2015” for Human Rights and the “Up- And – Coming Inspirational Influencer” Award in 2017. 

Mirela has just started a new business for women entrepreneurs called: “The Business Woman Today” an online platform and a social media for business-women.  

Swedish Wealth Institute Organizer of Empowered Women

Fö är en mötesplats för företagare och entreprenörer. Innehållet skapas till största del av våra kunniga medlemmar och experter, så kallad crowdsourcing, och tillsammans hjälps vi åt att lyfta entreprenörsandan i vårt land. "Trots att förutsättningarna för att starta och driva företag i Sverige är goda är det många gånger tufft och ensamt att vara småföretagare. Just detta försöker vi råda bot på med kostnadsfri rådgivning och inspirerande texter", säger Patrik Nilsson, marknadsansvarig på Fö På sajten går det även att ladda ner juridiska mallar och verktyg och prenumerera på nyhetsbrevet som veckovis går ut till 30 000 företagare och beslutsfattare.

SWI - The Swedish Wealth Institute - is an organization built around your success. Our goal is to help you get the information, coaching and network to become widely successful. Together we are stronger than divided!  

SWI as an organisation offers you the opportunity to attend events with some of the most renowned speakers and business people in the world.  

SWI offers:  

  • Large events with world renowned coaches
  • Monthly meetings with powerful speakers 
  • The opportunity to network with widely successful entrepreneurs

Start-Up Stockholm offers free business and innovation consultations, seminars and programs for those who want to start, run and develop their business or innovation idea! 

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