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DATE AND TIME Sunday, september 24th, 2017 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM  

  • How to move towards your dream life if today you have neither money nor time and you are feeling unsure of yourself;  
  • How to take steps towards financial freedom so you could create your dream home and offer yourself, your kids and loved ones what they really deserve;  
  • How to set your focus so that instead of constant lack of time you would be able to enjoy slow mornings and avoid hassling;  

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Kim Kiyosaki - Author of Rich Woman

Who is Kim Kiyosaki?

Kim Kiyosaki entered the business world in a position with a top Honolulu advertising agency and by age 25 she was operating a Honolulu magazine that served the city's business community. It didn't take long for Kim's entrepreneurial spirit to surface and two years later she ventured into her first business: A clothing company with national distribution. Not long after launching that company, Kim joined Robert Kiyosaki as a partner in a company that taught entrepreneurial business throughout the world. That business grew to support 11 offices in seven countries, presenting business seminars to tens of thousands of attendees. In 1989 Kim began her real estate investing career with the purchase of a small 2-bedroom / 1 bath rental property in Portland, Oregon. Today, Kim’s real estate investment company buys, sells and manages millions of dollars in property.

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