How to build a successful company in a global landscape

 Kane Minkus - Industry Rockstar Webinar

Kane Minkus

DATE AND TIME Sunday, October 1st, 2017 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM  

  • How to attact clients and stand out in the crowd;  
  • How to expand your company globally;  
  • How to create partnerships to multiply your efforts;  

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Kane Minkus - Author of Industry Rockstar

Who is Kane Minkus?

Kane Minkus, is both an accomplished Serial Entrepreneur himself (having started over 2 dozen business before he was 30 years old - 5 of which becoming Multi Million dollar and multi international successes) and an avid researcher of psychology and the power of the mind. He includes rich modalities of Thinking Frameworks Recoding® into IR teachings and live events to accelerate transformational results. The original release of the book "Industry Rockstar®: Become A Highly Paid, High Profile Person In Your Industry" in 2010, kicked off a global series of events that have helped Business Owners clarify their talents (and ideas) to bring to the market, relate powerfully to their true value and achieve success they didn't believe was possible.

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