How to build a business of no regrets!

Deri Llewellyn Davies aka. The Strategy Man

Deri Llewellyn Davies

DATE AND TIME Sunday, october 8th, 2017 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM  

  • How to build a business of No Regrets!
  • How to identify if your business will let you live your dream lifestyle.
  • How to grow your company and expand your business

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Live a life of No Regrets!

Who is Deri Llewellyn Davies?

I’m Deri Llewellyn Davies and I learnt business the hard way. As the son of a failed entrepreneur, I wasn’t destined for a life of entrepreneurship, as I was always encouraged to get a safe job. Thankfully I’m driven, dont like to follow the crowd and a little stubborn, so I chose to ignore that advice. What I discovered on this entrepreneurial journey shocked me. As I built my own businesses, (I've now had 20) I discovered that some that were financially successful made me miserable. What I had been taught that was SUCCESS in business, left me feeling empty. Equally I have run companies which were a total joy and yet they may as well have been classed as a charity or a hobby. And this joy was ultimately eroded as I ended up doing everything and with little financial reward. But I didn’t have the answer…. just the questions. As my career evolved and I began mentoring businesses (in those days its was called being a 'non exec director') as well as running my own, the clues began to emerge. Only after running 12 businesses of my own (screwing a number of them up) and advising over a hundred, did I start to see the common threads. OMG! It was always the same things. It was always the same strategies missing, and yet it was the strategies nobody was teaching. How could that be? I was mad, and started seeking the education I so needed. Since that day I have spent several hundred thousand pounds on my own professional and personal development, circa £250k, yet I still couldn’t find the education I desired, not all in one place. So screw it, as an entrepreneur I decided to bring to the world what I so wanted myself, and Business Growth International was born, along with the Business Growth Mastery series. I also wanted to simplify the foundations of business, demystify strategy and empower the entrepreneurs so they can embed the skills themselves, using a common methodology and "Strategy on a Page" was born. And that’s what we stand for!

Everything you see whether it is digital content or live events, is here to educate and empower the business owner to take back control of their business and their life, to live a life of NO REGRETS and build a business of NO REGRETS.

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